Film Festivals & Awards 2010-2014

Freedom Film Festival Poster Feb. 1999KINOPAVASARIS – The Vilnius International Film Festival

One of the most beautiful cities in the Baltics is the home of this brave, brainy and accomplished young film festival. To an unusual degree Vilnius has worked in mutual support with other film events in eastern and central Europe, taking a cultural leadership role among the filmmaking nations of the former USSR.


Malatya Film Festival, Turkey

November 2010

One of the newest international film festivals is located at an ancient and modern strategic crossroads. The film festival was and is an attempt to break out of the city's image as an agricultural backwater. Home of a museum diplaying some of the world's oldest weapons, Malatya is, largely unwillingly, once again a site of potential and actual conflict.

First Malatya Film Festival, November 2010