Freedom Film Festival 2004

In the past year or so, Europeans and Americans have been tuning each other out. That's a pity, because there's never been a time when it was more vital to appreciate and cherish the common elements of culture and political liberty we share. To this end, the ACF will present additional film events and public forums in the coming months.

Over a winter weekend we presented new features from Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia; a sidebar of work from South Eastern Europe called "Spirit of Sarajevo" a new Czech feature; a series of documentaries about Russia by Marina Goldovskaya; and three films about the former East Germany, presented in partnership with the Goethe Institut-Los Angeles.

Many of the films then screen at the Freedom Film Festival in Berlin (Kino Arsenal, February 3-5). Past screenings and events have taken place in Washington, D.C.; in Berlin; Moscow; Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic); Belgrade; and Baku (Azerbaijan).