Archive: 1996-2000

E Pluribus Unum - From One, ManyThird E Pluribus Unum Awards (2000)

Presented in association with the Film and Electronic Arts Department, California State University, Long Beach March 2, 2000

The E Pluribus Unum Awards were inspired by the challenge set by the late Congresswoman Barbara Jordan of Texas:

"We are one, we Americans; and we reject any intruder who seeks to divide us on the basis of race and class. We honor cultural identity. However, separatism is not allowed. It is not the American way. We must not allow ideas like political correctness to divide us and cause us to reverse hard-won achievements in human rights and civil rights. We reject both white racism and black racism. Our strength in this country is rooted in our diversity; our history bears witness to that fact. E Pluribus Unum: From Many, One-it was a good idea when the country was founded and it's a good idea today."

Television Series, Drama
A Belisarius Production in association with Paramount network Television

Television Series, Comedy
"Everybody Loves Raymond"
Worldwide Pants and HBO Independent Productions in association with Where's Lunch Productions, Inc.

Television Movie / Miniseries
"P.T. Barnum"
Productions La Fête/Pacific Motion Pictures in association with Hallmark Entertainment

Feature Film
"October Sky"
A Universal Pictures Presentation of a Charles Gordon Production

Carl Foreman Prize
Frank Price

In connection with the E Pluribus Unum Awards ceremony, the Carl Foreman Prize is given to an individual whose body of work has best used film to positively address values crucial to the civic health of America. Mr. Foreman (1914-1984) was a preeminent American writer/producer who emerged from his experience on the blacklist with an extraordinary commitment to the ideals of community, fairness, and the dignity of the individual. His works, including "Bridge on the River Kwai, " "Champion, " "High Noon, " and "The Victors, " are eloquent testimony to the power of that commitment and belief.


Sixth Annual Screenwriting Competition (2000)

Winner: Larry Parr "Hi-Hat Hattie"


Freedom Film Festival 2000

The inaugural Andrzej Wajda Freedom Prize, presented in Berlin, goes to Russia's Kira Muratova. A week of screenings follows at the Polish Cultural Institute, the Czech Center and the Hakesche Höfe in eastern Berlin. Muratova introduce a rare Los Angeles screening of her award-winning 1989 "Asthenic Syndrome." A series at the Goethe-Institut features "Wege in die Nacht" and other films by Andreas Kleinert.


Fifth Annual Screenwriting Competition (1999)

Winner: William S. Coleman "Out Of The Night"


Freedom Film Festival 1999

In Berlin and Los Angeles, new Eastern European films from the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (Czech Republic); a 25th Anniversary Tribute to German film producer Regina Ziegler; and, in Los Angeles, Freedom Film Festival Latin America. ACF Freedom Award presented to Poland's legendary director Andrzej Wajda in a formal ceremony at Berlin's Old Town Hall.


Fourth Annual Screenwriting Competition (1998)

Winner: David MacGregor "Phobos"


Freedom Film Festival 1997-98

The inaugural festival premieres in Washington, D.C. at the Kennedy Center in December 1997, and, in Los Angeles at the Paramount Theater at Paramount Studios, in February 1998. Presentations include new Eastern European films from the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, a 20th anniversary tribute to Andrzej Wajda's "Man of Marble," and Cuba: A Case Study In Censorship.


Second E Pluribus Unum Awards (1997)

Presented in association with the Film & Electronic Arts Department, California State University Long Beach

Feature Film
"A Family Thing"
United Artists, Todd Black and Randa Haines, Butchers Run Films

Television Series
"Babylon 5"
Babylonian Productions, Inc. and Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution

Television Series
"The Parent 'Hood"
The Townsend Entertainment Corporation, Warren & Rinsler Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television

Television Movie of the Week
"Captive Heart: The James Mink Story"
Dorothea G. Petrie Productions and Jaylar Productions in association with J.M. Story Productions and Hallmark Entertainment

The Carl Foreman Prize
Robert Duvall


Conference: Advocacy Groups and the Entertainment Industry

February 1997

The ACF and the UCLA Center For Communication Policy again joined to present a conference on an issue crucial to Hollywood and to the country at large. In the era of V-chips and television ratings, many people are working hard to influence the way entertainment "product" is shaped. Issues tackled included: the ways special-interest and advocacy groups attempt to influence the subject matter, story lines and portrayals of specific groups; the ways these groups go about exerting pressure on the industry; and ways the industry responds. The panelists and attendees included leading representatives from the entertainment industry and America's most influential advocacy/special interest groups as well as important academics and policy makers.


Third Annual Screenwriting Competition (1996-1997)

Winner: Tim Tyler "Black Knight Of The Hudson"
Winner: Susan Scanlon "Plie"


Second Annual Screenwriting Competition (1995-1996)

Winner: Lance Kinsey "It's Now Or Never"
Winner: Charles Surran "Ties That Bind"


Theater production: "Shame, An American Tragedy"

April 13, 1996

Presented by the Elina de Santos Studio. Using vignettes from classic American plays, actors and audience explored the use of shame to shape behavior.


Theater production: "Is Anatomy Destiny?"

February 24, 1996

Presented by the Tracy Roberts Actors Studio. A woman's place in the world, as seen through the eyes of Henrik Ibsen, Garson Kanin, Ann Marcus and Wendy Wasserstein.


Directed reading: "Angel in the Attic"

January 20, 1996

Based on the true story of Harriet Jacobs, written by Susan Flakes. A young black woman enslaved in the pre-Civil War South lives in hiding for years rather than acquiescing to the advances of the plantation's owner.


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