Archive: 1990-1995

E Pluribus Unum - From One, ManyInaugural E Pluribus Unum Awards (1995)

Presented in association with the Film & Electronic Arts Department, California State University Long Beach

Feature Film
Mel Gibson for Icon Productions, Paramount/Twentieth Century Fox

Television Series
"Chicago Hope"
David E. Kelley Productions in association with Twentieth Century Fox Television

Television Series
"The Simpsons"
Gracie Films/Twentieth Century Fox

Television Special
"The Writing On The Wall"
David J. Eagle and Little Eagle Productions, Inc.

The Carl Foreman Prize
Kirk Douglas


Conference: Religion and Prime Time Television

June 1995

In June 1995 the ACF presented its first event with UCLA's Center For Communication Policy, when we jointly sponsored this conference to examine the ways religion is treated on prime time television, and how religion, respect for America's pluralistic society, and the First Amendment can share the public square. The Center has since followed up on the initiative by issuing two reports about violence on television.


Inaugural Screenwriting Competition (1994-1995)

Winners: Patrick Hyde and Mark Uszler "Atlas"
Winner: Martin Holloway "The Halo Straightener"


Theater production: "Black Dawn"

December 9, 1995

Jon Lawrence Rivera's production presented by Playwrights' Arena. A wrenching look at the way a group of women overcame the trauma-induced blindness they suffered as a result of being caught in the killing fields of Cambodia.


Theater production: "The Ring"

November 18, 1995

Presented by Michael Holmes' Chandler Studio) A poignant view of the turn-of-the-century Irish immigrant experience of trying to survive, and the resulting enthusiasm and commitment to an American way of life.


Theater production: "Mirrors"

October 21, 1995

Presented by the Darryl Hickman Workshop. Vignettes from; "Savage in Limbo" by John Patrick Shanley, "Reptilita" by Jan Rudolph, "Just In Case We Have Sex" by Stan Sellers, and excerpts of works by Henry Jaglom, David Mamet, Joe Ezsterhas, Donna Elaine Miller and Tony Kushner.


Theater production: "Calorically Challenged and Proud of It"

January 28, 1995

Playhouse West Ensemble. How is our self esteem affected by idealized body images in popular culture?


Theater production: "Aaron Gillespie Will Make You A Star"

January 14, 1995

Playhouse West Ensemble. Called a "riotously funny nightmare" by NoHo News, as actors' dreams meet harsh reality.


Theater production: "Equity Waiver Blues"

December 10, 1994

Playhouse West Ensemble. Is the casting couch empty? An uncompromising look at sexual harassment in Hollywood.


Theater production: "Welcome Home, Soldier"

October 15, 1994

Playhouse West Ensemble. An emotional tribute to Vietnam War Veterans on their return home.


Directed reading: "Kissinger & Nixon"

February 11, 1995

Lionel Chetwynd's drama based on the book by Walter Isaacson.


Directed reading: "Names"

November 12, 1994

Blacklisted Hollywood writer/director Elia Kazan names names to the House Unamerican Activities Commission, in a drama by Mark Kemble.